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CBD roll-on blends

CBD roll-on blends

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These CBD roll-ons are a great way to incorporate a full-spectrum CBD product to your ritual! All 6 blends have been specially crafted with loving hands using all natural ingredients. Each roll-on contains 40mg of full-spectrum CBD from locally grown organic hemp flower in an organic jojoba oil base. You can purchase a single roll-on for $15, a 3 pack for $40 or all 6 for $75.

**Please leave your choice of blend(s) in the order comments, thank you!

Cas (headache blend):
lavender, peppermint, yarrow, rosemary with fresh rosemary
Enda (sensual blend):
rose, palo santo, tangerine with fresh ginger
Súlë (calming blend):
chamomile, tulsi, lavender oil with dried lavender flowers
Cuivië (energizing blend):
rosemary eucalyptus tangerine with frankincense resin
Curu (focus blend):
tulsi, rosemary and peppermint with Palo Santo wood
Mala (muscle/joint blend
menthol, yarrow rosemary chamomile juniper with ginger
*names are derivative of the Elvish word of the same meaning